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Keep your kids learning at home with in-person lessons taught by exceptional professional teachers in your area.

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High Quality Tutors

All tutors are experienced, thoroughly vetted, with a proven track record of producing excellent results.

Safe and Trusted

Over 129 parents are using Simptutors to improve their kids’ results, get help with homework and pass exams.

Tailored to Your Child

Every lesson given is tailored to strengthen your child’s weak areas and help them master any subject with ease.

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We are committed to your child’s success, and always do our best to ensure you achieve your goals. If you’re not happy, we’ll work hard to make it right.

100% Satisfaction
Mrs Kinuthia

Mrs. Kinuthia

“My son scored among the highest in his common entrance exam into a top school and got admitted the same day! It's been very gratifying to see him improve under his tutor, to the point where he now contends with the top students in class.”

What do you need help with?

Special Needs

Get professional support for kids with Dyslexia, Autism, Speech Impediment, ADHD etc.

Improve Grades

Help your child perform better in their subjects, build confidence and get higher grades.


Help your child master all subjects and prepare for exams at home using your preferred curriculum.

Exam Preparation

Pass entrance exams into top schools. Prepare for IGCSE, SATs, Checkpoint, SSCE, BECE etc.

Nursery & Preschool

Help your child speak, read and write correctly. Get lessons in phonics, numeracy and literacy.

Homework Help

Get help with your child’s assignments. Prepare them to pass tests in all their subjects.

How to get a home tutor!

A smart way to find your tutor.

Place a request

Fill a tutor request form and tell us your child’s needs, as well as the subjects they need help with.

Also select a lesson schedule that matches your budget and desired learning goals.

Get the most qualified tutors

We’ll send you options of tutors and their location who are most qualified for your request and have produced good results with kids like yours.

Once you select your most preferred tutor, you can begin lessons.

Watch your kids improve!

We don’t stop at getting you tutors, we closely monitor and manage the lessons to ensure your child is making progress.

Watch your child improve in their subjects, pass exams and rise above their peers.

Mrs Theodora

Mrs. Theodora

“The lessons have been very productive. My daughter’s grades have really improved, and even her school teachers commend her new confidence. She now answers questions in class, and scores higher than most of her class mates.”

Thousands of parents trust Simptutors and have seen improvement in their kids.

Hire the very best tutor for your child

With over 34 verified tutors, your child’s education is guaranteed!

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How does payment work?

Lesson cost depends on your location, number of students and lesson duration. You can pay online or via bank transfer when you’ve selected your preferred tutor and are ready to begin lessons.


Where will the lessons hold?

Lessons hold in the comfort of your home or any other location that works best for you. You can choose to have lessons delivered in-person by your preferred home tutor.


What happens if I’m not satisfied with my tutor?

In the unlikely event that you’re not satisfied with your tutor, we’ll immediately replace the tutor or refund your balance.


How do you verify your tutors?

Each tutor is thoroughly screened for subject expertise, personality, and safety. In fact, before we accept any tutor we verify their government-issued ID cards and online profiles, conduct lenghty interviews, test their knowledge of each subject and verify their guarantors to ensure your peace of mind.

Need Help Finding The Right Tutor?

Get helpful information on what’s important to you when choosing your tutor.

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