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When you hire on Simptutors, you’re booking lessons to receive private tutoring. Each tutor has aunique experience and style of tutoring, so we provide you with enough information and good options so you can find your perfect tutor.

1. Find Your Perfect Tutor

With thousands of qualified tutors in every part of Nigeria for more than 500 subjects, skills and exams listed on Simptutors, you’ll want to make sure the tutor you hire is the right one to help you achieve your goals:

Select the subject you need a tutor for. Simptutors will show you tutors that teach that subject and there location.
Use filters to narrow your search. You may filter by age range, gender, price or distance. Look through to find the ones you may like to hire, then click View More to learn more about the tutor.
When you select a tutor, you can read a detailed description of the tutor’s experience, teaching method, education, work experience etc. and reviews that other clients have left for this tutor. This helps you learn more about the tutor before booking lessons.
When you're ready to hire the tutor, simply book lessons online using the tutor’s real-time calendar or request an interview with the tutor if you prefer to meet them first before booking lessons.

2. Hire Your Tutor!

You’ve found the perfect tutor, and now it’s time to make it official. This is where you determine if you want to instantly book lessons online or physically meet the tutor first.

3. Book Lessons Online

Like the name suggests, you can easily schedule lessons with your tutor directly from the site using their real-time availability:

-On the tutor's profile, click Book Lesson Online to reveal their calendar.
-Select the days, times and number of students on the tutor’s calendar at the right side of your screen (for desktop)
-Click Continue after selecting preferred days and times
-Choose a preferred payment option and click Proceed
-When payment is successful, write an optional message to describe your needs to the tutor.
-You'll receive a confirmation email with your lesson and payment details. Tutor will be instantly notified and would contact you shortly afterwards.

4. Request an Interview

Some clients prefer to interview the tutor in-person before booking lessons. In this case, you’ll need to click on the button that says Request an Interview. In order to submit a request, we ask you to deposit 30% of the tutor’s monthly or long-term fee.

-From the tutor’s subject page, click Request an Interview
-Enter the best time you’ll like the tutor to call you
-Choose a preferred payment option and click Proceed
-The tutor would contact you to schedule a meeting. If the interview is successful, you can proceed to book lessons with the tutor.

Your 30% upfront payment will be available to you, so you will only need to pay the balance. If the interview wasn’t successful, you can hire another tutor.

Welcome home! It’s easy and completely free to join Simptutor. Simply visit the Tutor Registration page and start your application. We’ll ask you to complete identity verification, then you can fill out the short tutor application form.

All applications are manually reviewed and successful applicants will be able to start creating their subjects and receiving clients.

If your application is not successful, you’ll have the opportunity of re-applying only after 3 months up to a maximum of 3 attempts.

To edit your Simptutors profile information, including your profile photo:

Click your name in the top-right corner of
Select Edit Profile
Use the menu on the left to select the different sections of your profile to edit.
There are three sections to choose from:

Edit Profile: update the basics about who you are and where you live, including the phone number you’ll like to use for confirmed bookings. Click Save at the bottom of the page to save your changes.

Photo and Video: upload a photo from your computer. Choose a photo that clearly shows your face, and have on a friendly smile. All tutors are required to have a profile photo and can also upload a video that shows up in their profiles.

Trust and Verification: add verifications to complete your identity verification. Verified IDs are required for certain privileges on Simptutors.

When you're done, click View Profile to see what your profile looks like to others.

If you don’t have a Simptutors account yet, head to: to create one.

Enter your first and last names, and your most active email address, then choose a secure password. Signing up and creating a Simptutors account is totally free, whether you’re looking to hire or tutor!

After you signup, please be sure to complete your profile.

Note: You don’t need to have an account to book lessons, but you’ll need to create one before the booking can be completed.

Simptutors’s payment system is designed to make transferring money between clients and tutors as simple and reliable as possible. Here’s how it works:

1. Clients pay through Simptutors when they book lessons, which is loaded in session within the client’s wallet account in order to secure the lessons and notify the tutor,

2. Simptutors transfers the money to tutors only after clients confirm lessons have been taught or 3 days after tutors have submitted the lessons into our system.

3. If there is an issue during the cause of the lessons, you can be confident that Simptutors will withhold payments and carry out further investigation to decide the best cause of action for both parties.

Using Simptutors’s payment system is required when booking lessons, and it helps ensure that both parties are protected under our Terms of Service, cancellation policies, Refund Policy, and other safeguards.

Paying outside the Simptutors system is not secure. We cannot protect your data and payments, or provide access to these benefits when lessons are not booked directly through Simptutors.

Clients prefer to re-hire tutors through Simptutors because it also helps monitor all lessons to ensure they are fully delivered before releasing payments; and gives clients the opportunity to review tutor’s performance as well as get feedback.
However, to help cover the costs of running these services, Simptutors automatically includes service fees in each transaction.
Learn more about how prices are determined.

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